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certified sex addiction therapist

Treatment Specialties

Sex Addiction/Sexually Compulsive Behavior

Simply stated, sexual addiction involves the persistent engagement in

sexual behaviors despite the clear and devastating impact those behaviors

are having on all aspects of your life including: your marital or romantic

relationships; your friendships and social life; your work habits and ability

to hold a job; your family relationships and parenting; and, most

importantly, your relationship with yourself.  I am a Certified Sex Addiction

Therapist, and I trained with Dr. Patrick Carnes, the foremost expert on the

treatment of sexual addiction.  I have integrated the task-based treatment 

model borne of Dr. Carnes' work into my therapeutic practice and am able

to tailor treatment to the needs of the individual.  In addition to my work

with individuals who identify as sex addicts, I also work with the spouses and partners of sex addicts.  My work with partners is very much focused on helping them to understand the nature of sex addiction and helping them to work through the trauma of finding out about their partners' secret life.  I understand that this kind of discovery devastates a person and that it is extremely important that I provide a supportive environment in which healing can take place.

I offer compassionate professional therapy to address a variety of mental health issues.  Below is a listing of the areas in which I specialize and a brief description of my training and experience in each area.

intimacy codependency

Co-dependency and Intimacy Problems 

Intimacy and co-dependency cannot truly co-exist in a relationship.  When one is "co-dependent" he/she is so focused on his/her partner, he/she is unable to truly be present and authentic in the relationship.  Without that presence and authenticity, intimacy is impossible.  I work with individuals and couples to help them understand true intimacy and begin to foster healthy inter-dependence in all their relationships.  Treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual or couple.

trauma veterans militay ptsd anger

Military and Veterans​

I have a particular interest in working with the brave men and

women who serve in the military.  I have sought additional

post-doctoral training and certification to work with service men

and women and their families on issues that may arise from

deployment and re-adjustment to civilian life.  I have training

and experience in treating sleep problems, marital and parenting

concerns, addiction issues, and adjustment problems.  



The things that happen to us when we're young can often have an

adverse impact on our adult relationships.  I work to help my

clients explore their experiences of abuse, abandonment and neglect and learn how to integrate them into their life narrative rather than being defined by them.  With a focus on building emotional tolerance and increasing self-care, I work to provide a safe and secure environment for my clients to get in touch with who they are and what they need.  I have years of experience and have received a great deal of formal training from the foremost names in trauma treatment.  I understand the pain involved in healing trauma and will work at whatever pace my clients need in order to get there.

money problems life stress

Financial Disorders

This is not a familiar term to most people.  I define a financial disorder as a dysfunctional relationship with money and/or work that leads to self-destructive behavior.  This can include excessive spending, compulsive debt, problematic gambling, workaholism, chronic under-earning or obsession with money or status.  These are often a result of beliefs and habits learned in childhood and are almost never actually about the money.  I work with clients to help them explore the connections between early life experiences and persistent patterns in their behavior surrounding money and work.  As we come to really understand these connections, we come up with concrete steps to take to change these painful behaviors.

Adjustment Problems and Life Stressors

Often, we encounter issues in our lives that we feel unable to handle on our own.  Whether we're adjusting to a happy occasion (such as the birth of a child) or a sad one (such as the loss of a job), change can often come with many difficulties that may leave us feeling overwhelmed.  I work individuals and couples to help them to cope with life stressors and process the emotions that arise because of those stressors.

Shame and Perfectionism
We live in a society that puts a great deal of pressure on us.  Pressure not just to succeed,
but to be amazing, extraordinary, perfect.  It's exhausting!  I view shame and perfectionism
as two sides of the same coin.  Perfectionism is frequently a response to the shame we feel,
but it only serves exacerbate those shameful feelings.  Feelings of inadequacy and
self-loathing; belief that deep down at your very core, you are damaged, unworthy, and
unlovable.  Shame and perfectionism can permeate every aspect of our lives and lead to
pervasive feelings of unhappiness.  In my practice, I help individuals to overcome the
negative messages that drive their shame, and create a more loving and compassionate
relationship with themselves.  Healing this most important of relationships has a positive
effect on all of our relationships.
shame perfectionism transition adjustment
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